11 months ago

Check out this video of Fifi going home!


Great to see our customers so thrilled to be collecting their 2CV named Fifi! This is a little ... See more

1 year ago

We are still looking for a panel beater to join our growing team, so if you, or anyone you know are looking, please do share this post 😀

For more information please see: ... See more

1 year ago
Photos from Exeter Engineering's post

The beautiful simplicity of the 2cv! Lovingly named Fifi here is undergoing some much needed TLC!

#2cv4 #citroen #french #mechanics #craftsmanship #devon #classiccar #retro #exeterengineering ... See more

1 year ago
Timeline Photos

Terrible picture on a gloomy December day... crossloading our next rather large project!

The bones of a 1949 Bedford O series Lorry... this will be brought back to its former glory, including full ... See more

1 year ago
Photos from Exeter Engineering's post

This Alvis starter motor died a death recently... fotunately it came to the right place... We simply (if only!) machined up a couple of new parts, located a supplier for a new spring, machined the ... See more

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 These pages cover the individual vehicle restoration services we offer. These are all incorporated in a full restoration or engine rebuild so if you're looking for a full package please head on over to our restoration or engine rebuilding pages.

As part of a home restoration and classic vehicle ownership you will always find bits and pieces that either you don't have the expertise to carry out, or you simply don't have the facilities. That's where we come in! We carry out full restorations on a vast variety of vehicles, but we're not snobby about the projects we take on, and as classic vehicle enthusiasts ourselves we love to help out and offer our ever growing range of services to all.

Follow the links below, to find a list and further details of the restoration services we offer: