As part of the many services we offer, carburettor (carb, carbs, carby whatever you'd like to call it!) rebuilding is one of the most popular, primarily down to the fact that no matter how hard you scrub, or leave sitting in solvent its virtually impossible to remove all internal and external contaminants, let alone remember how to put it back together again!

We deal with a huge range of types, makes and models of carbs, and offer a three levels of service depending on the condition, application and finish desired as below:

Basic Rebuild (only available for motorcycle carbs)

The service consists of a basic strip down, assessment and ultrasonic clean, followed by rebuild with a new gasket set. This service is suitable for units that are relatively clean externally, but require de clogging and removal of fuel residues internally (perfect if the carburettor has been left standing for a period of time, where finish isn't necessarily an issue and you'd just like it running again!). Prices from £60 + VAT.

Full Rebuild

This service consists of a complete strip down, turning the unit into component form. All aluminium and brass components are then vapour blasted, flushed, then ultrasonic cleaned with all fixings, linkages and internal components. The unit is then re-bushed/re-spindled (where applicable) All perishables and gaskets replaced and rebuilt. (Perfect if you've got a worn carburettor, require a nice perfect even finish, but dont want to go too far with it.) Prices from £80 + VAT.

Show build

This is as above, but all fixings and linkages are refinished/re-plated/polished to the customers requirements (perfect for show vehicle or application where looks are key). Prices from £100 + VAT.

All the services above are flexible, we will assess the unit on arrival and discuss the best solution prior to commencement of works.

For a detailed price and more information do head over to our contact us page, fill out the form with the carburettor and/or vehicle details and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!



Makes of carburettor we regularly work on:


We have a number of selected parts suppliers, so if you are keen to rebuild your carb yourself, and could just do with rebuild kits etc, give one of them a try!