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Servicing and Maintenance

Along with all our other services we offer here at Exeter Engineering, servicing and maintenance is probably one of the most important for your classic, vintage or veteran car or motorcycles drive/ride-ability, reliability and safety.

We can carry out all aspects of servicing and maintenance in house by our highly experienced mechanics. Such services include:

Annual servicing
Pre season check ups
Engine tuning
Brake testing
Tracking and wheel alignment
General diagnostics and fault finding
Greasing and lubrication
Valve adjustments
Head gasket replacement
Wheel bearing replacements
Kingpin, steering and track rod replacements
Braking system, including disc, drum, shoe pad replacements
Calliper, wheel cylinder and master cylinder overhauls
Brake conversion and upgrades
Axle rebuilds
Differential overhauls
Clutch replacements
Exhaust replacement
Brake drum resurfacing
Radiator and cooling system flushing
Gearbox overhauls
Engine rebuilds
Compression testing
Emissions analysis
Component rebuilds
Power steering overhauls, upgrades and replacement
Welding repairs

This list is by no means exhaustive!

We offer a door to door service that would include collection and delivery in our fully enclosed trailer, fitting in around your schedule to make life even simpler!

All works completed are fully documented, photographed (where appropriate) and as always, completed to an exceptionally high standard.