Many vehicles have components that are past the expertise of a hobbyist, once they fail or require maintenance. A large portion of our work is rebuilding such components. Irritatingly they often don't necessarily fall into a category or job description and it becomes difficult to search for people whom can carry out such work. We tend to call this style of works “jobbing”. These can come in a variety of shapes, sizes and complexity. But we've listed a few to give you an idea, the list is not exhaustive, and we've given a little case study where possible.

Fuel pump rebuild (AC Delco, SU)

Fan bush upgrade to bearing

Diff/Differential rebuilding

Axle rebuilding

Gearbox rebuilding

Gear linkage rebuilding

Block repairs

Crack repairs

Kingpin Bushing

Power steering pump and rack rebuilds

Engine Machining (see Engine Works tab)

We Cover a huge host of machining in house, please check out our Precision page for further details. Alternatively, Contact us for more information.